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Too often, those charged with the training and development of others do not have the knowledge, skills, or dynamism to ensure their participants can effectively access the training message and material, internalize learning, and then apply that learning to their practice. Rather, they lean into boring and ineffective slide-deck, lecture-style presentations.

Leadership Trainer exclusively focuses on train-the-trainer programming and resources to ensure you can be an exceptional trainer and effective facilitator consistently.

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We provide EXCEPTIONAL Trainer Preparation Programming and Resources!

Would You LOVE to...

Acquire the knowledge, skills, and dynamism to effectively train others in leadership?

Assist your participants in effectively translating their learning into leadership practices?

Keep your participants engaged throughout your leadership trainings?

Spice up your leadership trainings with fresh content?

Excel at facilitating trainings even though you have never been educated to do it?

Level-up the garbage leadership program you inherited?

Accurately assess the impact of your leadership trainings?

Enhance your own leadership capacities and performance?

Take your leadership practice to the next level as a manager or supervisor?

Boost your leadership and leadership training superpowers?

This is what we do! Our Programs and Resources will prepare you to facilitate high-impact, high-engagement, and high-enjoyment trainings, consistently

We believe that leadership can be developed.

In fact, it ought to be developed.

Are you STRUGGLING to...

Make your trainings more engaging and dynamic?

Keep the attention of your participants during leadership trainings?

Infuse experiential learning activities into your trainings?

Host robust reflective dialogue amongst training participants?

Find fresh content and material that resonates with your participants?

Draw connections between trainings and "real-life" applications?

Inform your trainings with leadership theory?

Maximize opportunities for participants to develop healthy leadership habits?

Be seen as an expert leadership trainer and facilitator?

You Are Not Alone! Our Programs and Resources are designed to support you in expanding your knowledge base, enhancing your facilitation skill set, and maximizing your training potential!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization driven to  create leadership culture-change by preparing those who are responsible for and charged with the training and development of others.

Programs & Resources

Leadership Trainer's suite of programming and resources offers those responsible for the training and development of others an opportunity to gain the knowledge, enhance the skills, and cultivate the facilitation techniques necessary to ensure their participants can access the training message, internalize learning, and then apply that learning to their practice.

We offer the following programs and resources...what strikes your fancy?

This is what we believe:

Our mission is to provide exceptional trainer preparation programming and resources.

We are passionate about and explicitly dedicated to equipping the next generation of trainers and facilitators with the knowledge, skills, and dynamism to effectively develop the skills and capacities of others. This is our calling. This is our exclusive focus.

We believe that part of the reason for why training and development opportunities are plentiful, is because they fail to actually develop the skills and capacities of their participants. Collectively, all of us, are thirsty for training and development experiences that actualize what they claim - to prepare us to be effective, powerful, and resonant leaders. We keep pursuing opportunities because nothing seems to quench this thirst. This failure is rarely due to the content. It is usually human error. That is, trainers and facilitators are generally ill-prepared to serve in this role. They either lack the educational background and theoretical knowledge base which should inform their work, they lack the practical skills to know what good leadership actually looks like, or they lack the facilitation techniques to engage participants in an dynamic leadership learning experience. Or they lack all three!

Leadership Trainer is raising the bar on the level of training and preparation for those who are charged with and responsible for the training and development of others.

Leadership is currently understood in antiquated ways. Leadership mindsets are rooted in notions that leadership is about power, position, and prestige. This too easily leads to a 'personal reward' approach to leading - a what's in it for me? attitude . This quickly results in corrupt practices and behaviors.

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We believe that leadership should be understood by one's authentic personhood (Who am I? What are my values? What is my vision?) and intrinsic purpose (How can I engage in good, meaningful work? Where do my personal passions intersect with the pressing needs of my organization or community?) as the foundation of our leadership practice.

Leadership is frequently positioned toxically - solely about the leader. This "leader" is an extrovert who has come to "save the day" with his perfect way of leading.

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We believe that leadership is a relational experience amongst a group of people (leaders and followers) - individuals (women and men) who capitalize on their strengths and authenticity to act in ways - with compassion and resonance - that create the change that is needed in that particular time, place, and context.

Leadership is stereotypically assumed to be about exercising strength and dominance. Leaders 'naturally' have all the answers and dictate to others how to proceed. These leaders create distance from followers and sit alone, behind closed doors.

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We believe that leadership is about showing compassion and cultivating resonance. Effective leaders are masterful at intentionally asking questions; searching for answers, inspiring others; recognizing potential; and pursuing worthy, progressive change in partnership with others. More so, exceptional leaders tap into their learning disposition to engage in both inner-work that is matched with collaborative outer-action.

Leadership facilitation is generally conducted as a conventional learning experience. That is, it is attached to pre-determined possibilities, trainer-focused, and utilizes a 'banking' form of information-sharing where the trainer attempts to 'deposit' knowledge into the minds of participants. In practice, conventional leadership trainings are presented with PowerPoint as the key feature resulting in butts-in-seats for hours upon hours. Conventional learning is not an ideal method of acquiring or implementing leadership learning into our leadership practices.

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We believe that leadership facilitation should be grounded in experiential learning that utilizes immersive, hands-on learning experiences and reflective dialogue. When leadership trainings are conducted in this way, we (as leadership trainers) are flexible and open to leadership learning possibilities because participant skills development and knowledge acquisition is the central focus. When we ask, "Whose training is this?" The only appropriate answer is, "theirs". It is the participant's program...not ours, the trainers. In practice, leadership trainings should include significant opportunities for participants to be 'moving and doing' - to be physically engaged in learning experiences and have opportunities to process our learning through dialogue and relationship-building.

Leadership facilitation is famously offered by motivational speakers, business executives, sport coaches, and others who have no education or training to serve as the leadership developers we deeply desire and need.

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We believe that leadership facilitation and training should be offered by individuals who have the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and facilitation techniques to ensure leadership learning occurs.

Across the globe, our culturally-conditioned leadership lens and practices are rooted in antiquated systems of oppression and inequity. Namely, leadership is commonly identified and understood by a limiting perspective of the power and authority one wields. Effective leaders cannot address issues of justice and equity if they do not seek to critically analyze and understand the systems of power and oppression that have and continue to inform our organizations and communities.

For this reason, leadership training and development is a matter of justice and equity. Intentional leadership training and development can shift this antiquated understanding of leadership-as-power to be welcoming of historically silenced voices of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). Leadership training and development provides the opportunity for us to transform our organizations and communities to be spaces that have a deeply ingrained culture of belonging.

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Leadership Trainer believes that Black lives matter. We support tactical and tangible actions that aid in the process of dismantling 400+ years of oppression represented by white privilege and white supremacy. Namely, we condemn individual and institutional racism; acts of violence against Blacks, Indigenous, and other People of Color; and the systemic oppression that hinders equity—including, but not limited to disparities in education, employment, and opportunities for social advancement.

Leadership Trainer is committed to “doing the work” of understanding, illuminating, and challenging systemic oppression. This work can be a vehicle to identify blind spots, disable barriers, and provide access to the decision-making spaces where people have historically been exempt. We strive to utilize our platform to address inequities and injustices through our leadership training and development work. This includes:

Prioritizing BIPOC representation on our Board.

Ensuring diverse leadership scholars and practitioners’ voices are infused into our training programs and materials.

Delivering free trainings and resources to nonprofit / NGO organizations that serve BIPOC communities and constituents.

Allocating grant-funding to support the leadership training opportunities of nonprofit / NGO organizations (including higher education) that serve BIPOC communities and constituents.

Offering scholarships to promote diverse representation in our programs.

Hiring BIPOC Facilitators for every Certification Program.

Pursuing Certification Program experiences for identity groups (e.g., Líderes Latinas).

Seeking contract-work services from historically marginalized populations.

Making this statement and action items known on our website, social media, and other promotional materials.

Consistently reviewing our performance against this statement and these action-items.

We're proud to work with individuals and organizations across industries. A selection includes:

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Board of Directors

The Founder & Executive Director

Jonathan Kroll, PhD.

Founder, Executive Director, and Master Trainer

​Jonathan began his career as a university administrator by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives. He has co-founded two leadership training businesses in addition to Leadership Trainer. Over the last decade, Jonathan has facilitated hundreds of leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, conference presentations, and classes to 1,000s of participants across 5 continents.

In addition to serving as Executive Director & Master Trainer with Leadership Trainer, Jonathan is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Program Director for the Professional Leadership Studies program at the University of Rhode Island.


Jonathan has earned a PhD from Fielding Graduate University in Leadership with a focus in Group Mentoring. He coaches, consults, writes, teaches, and trains about leadership, mentoring, and training/facilitation. Contact Jonathan at: [email protected]

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Prefer to contact a Leadership Trainer directly? Call Jonathan at 609.915.4115 or email him at [email protected]

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