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One-to-One Coaching

Do you have the leadership knowledge, skills, and dynamism to effectively train others?

Leadership Trainer's one-to-one coaching is the most individualized way to prepare you to facilitate dynamic and engaging leadership trainings. You will work one-to-one with Jonathan Kroll—a master facilitator and Executive Director of Leadership Trainer.


Our time together will (a) prepare you to effectively develop the leadership skills and capacities of others through dynamic training experiences (such as workshops, retreats, seminars, conference sessions, academic courses, and other diverse continuing education programs, and more!) while (b) providing you with an intentional leadership development experience to enhance your own understanding and practice of leadership.


Leadership Training-Coaching is specifically designed for those who are serious about serving as leadership educators and developers. Grounded in sound leadership and facilitation theory, this coaching experience will assist you in cultivating the mindset, skillset, and foundational knowledge to confidently train others in leadership.


The select coaches who have an opportunity to work with Jonathan become intimately familiar with the Narrative Framework as they enhance their competencies in facilitation experiential learning and reflective dialogue. Yet, each coaching session is specifically tailored to meet the needs of that particular individual. This immersive coaching experience pinpoints your training strengths and challenges, explores practical strategies to affect meaningful change, and centers your aspirations in order to leave a lasting impact.

About the Master Facilitator

Jonathan Kroll, PhD.

Founder, Executive Director, and Lead Trainer

Jonathan began his career in Student Affairs by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives. He has co-founded two leadership training businesses and, during the last decade, has facilitated over 250 leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, and conference presentations.

Jonathan is a Lecturer in the Professional Leadership Studies program and Acting Director of Academic Programs in the School of Professional Studies at the University of Rhode Island while also serving as the founding Executive Director of Leadership Trainer -      a Boston-based organization operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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