The Leadership Trainer Certification Program is a one-of-a-kind, immersive, engaging, hands-on, trainer preparation experience. Our assessment data and testimonial videos highlight that we have designed a high-impact train-the-trainer experience. Participants have substantially increased their confidence and self-efficacy—specifically with: (a) facilitating leadership trainings that utilize high-impact experiential activities and meaningful reflective dialogue; (b) effectively navigating leadership training obstacles and challenges; and (c) enhancing their own leadership skills. This Giving Menu is a listing of resources, materials, and expenses that Leadership Trainer incurs to host this rewarding and impactful Certification Program. These are the real prices—the price we pay—for each of the items listed below. With your gift, you will directly support nonprofit leaders and other deserving individuals acquire the knowledge and gain the skills to effectively and consistently facilitate high-impact training experiences. Thank you for supporting our participants in receiving this amazing and highly-regarded trainer preparation experience.


Resources, materials, and expenses to ensure participants can start strong!

For all participants in each Certification Program

PREPARING LEADERSHIP EDUCATORS...........................$49.95

Our Program text - A book for one participant


For all participants in each Certification Program

PAPER BAGS..........................$17.99

To serve as a retreat "mailbox"


Resources, materials, and expenses to support an engaging, dynamic, and nourishing high-impact experience!

LARGE POST-ITS...................$39.99



Feeling generous? Choose from something sweet to give the gift of leadership training and development.

SCHOLARSHIP (ONE PARTICIPANT)......................$2,200

LTCP 2022 Group (1)

Participant Testimonials

“This has been quite a life changing experience for me. We learned so much not only about how to train others, but about ourselves and our leadership skills.” - Flor, 2019

“This experience has been completely transformational for me.” - Erika, 2019

“I was never a confident person and [others] could feel that during day 1 and day 2… but now, I absorbed so much knowledge from this experience that I feel it and I know that I can use it every single day.” - Reba, 2019

“I am leaving more authentic, more self-reflective.” - Aura, 2019

“Honestly this is the best training I have ever been to.” - Wanda, 2019

“It was fun. It was challenging. We felt because of the challenge the need to rely on each other so there was a lot of connection and networking that happened and I really think that I’m leaving here today with new, strong, long lasting friendships.” - Six, 2019

“I am critically engaged and asked to reflect along the way where most conferences your only reflection is an assessment at the end.” - Terrian, 2022

“We live in a climate now where we keep waiting for someone to come in and rescue us… but I think what I’ve learned the most is that I go back to my community and it starts with me.” - Habibah, 2019

“I have grown professionally… looking at facilitation from a different lens. Not as a professor in a classroom being so much more conventional but making a deliberate or intentional decision to facilitate.” - Nicole, 2022

“The fact that they’re not just teaching experiential learning but they’re doing that through experiential learning… I can already see how the learning will be different and more enriched by following this method.” - Sarah, 2022

“I think you’re going to get so much more out of this training than you ever thought you possibly could.” - Erica, 2022

“What was really unique about this experience is that we didn’t just go through the narrative approach to facilitation but we also experienced it with some of our deeper dives… like identity exploration components that helped us see how and who we are in order to apply that to our facilitation.” - Robin, 2022

“Not only did we leave with hands-on practical resources and experiences but we also built a community.” - Jagan, 2022

“The most meaningful portions of this experience have been the opportunities to put into practice what we’ve been learning. We’ve broken off into small groups and practiced aspects of the narrative training approach. And we’ve gotten feedback from people which has been really valuable.” - Rachel, 2022

“Coming to this training together allowed me the opportunity to bounce ideas off of my colleague.” - Jamal and Heaven, 2022

“I’ve definitely grown and gotten out of my comfort zone through this program.” - Justin, 2022

“I wanted to be a part of this because this is such a unique program. There are very few, if any, leadership trainer opportunities. Most of the time we are learning to be great leaders.. but we aren’t learning how to facilitate workshops… the unique skillsets and tools and framework to actually facilitate really good leadership training opportunities.” - Chantelle, 2022 Master Trainer

“With the narrative approach and experiential learning you get to see real-time application of what folks learn and that’s the difference with Leadership Trainer.” Daymyen, 2022 Master Trainer

“The Leadership Trainer Certification Program is so important because these are things that you don’t necessarily naturally have. You’re not born knowing how to train or lead others in many cases. People are more effective if they a strategy or framework to work from. We utilize the narrative framework and guide folks through the different stages of that framework and then give them hands-on tactical skills that they can then apply in their own settings.” - Sarah, 2022 Master Trainer




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