Leadership Training-Planning Template

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What You Get!

When you access this engaging google doc, you get:

  • A detailed description of Leadership Trainer's Narrative Approach methodology - so you can craft an amazing and impactful "training story" to engage your participants!
  • Countless 'Training Elements' bracketed by the five dimensions of the Narrative Approach so you can have a comprehensive training-planning template for every training you facilitate! (These include content questions, experiential learning activities, music playlist, and so much more!)
  • Space for 'Training Content' and "Training Supply' notes.

Why You Want Them!

This comprehensive training-planning template offers countless opportunities to plan an amazing and impactful training experience. The training-planning template is chunked into five domains (the five components of our Narrative Approach to facilitating training experiences) to best focus your attention:

  • Exposition — planning and preparation - as well as how to open a training in a dynamic fashion.
  • Rising Action — delivering a training message that is concise and includes a personal story or intriguing data.
  • Apex — all the planning details you need for facilitating hands-on, engaging experiential learning activities.
  • Falling Action —all the planning details you need for hosting meaningful reflective dialogue.
  • Resolution — concluding a training with intentionality.
  • *Note Space — plenty of space for your own notes and reflections, and plans!

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Meet the Master Trainer

Jonathan Kroll, PhD.

Founder, Executive Director, and Master Trainer

​Jonathan began his career as a university administrator by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives. He has co-founded two leadership training businesses in addition to Leadership Trainer. Over the last decade, Jonathan has facilitated over 300 leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, and conference presentations, and classes to 1,000s of participants across 4 continents.

In addition to serving as Executive Director & Master Trainer with Leadership Trainer, Jonathan is a Lecturer in the Professional Leadership Studies program and Acting Director of Academic Programs in the School of Professional Studies at the University of Rhode Island.


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