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Join the Community and Get Your Leadership Training and Facilitation Jam, On!


Leadership Trainer Jam Sessions

These monthly 1-hour free engagements are structured to begin with short 15–20-minute lessons on a leadership or training /facilitation topic and then open space to dialogue about related questions - or any leadership training and facilitation topics with which you want to explore! We also use this time to share leadership training celebrations and challenges that could use some advice and guidance.

  • Short jam-packed lessons

  • Community-focused conversations

  • Open space to celebrate your accomplishments and navigate your challenges

  • 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 2pm (eastern)

This FREE monthly Leadership Trainer engagement opportunity is designed for dialogue and community-building!

Scheduled Topics:


Register for November & December:

Tuesday, November 8th

(2pm, eastern)

Gratitude: An Exploration of Affirmations for Trainers

Tuesday, December 13th

(2pm, eastern)

Renewal Practices for Trainers in the Winter Season

Tuesday, January 11th

(2pm, eastern)

Facilitating Impactful Ice-Breakers

Tuesday, February 8th

(2pm, eastern)

Celebrating Black Master Trainers

Tuesday, March 8th

(2pm, eastern)

Hosting Reflective Dialogue During Immersive Travel Experiences

Tuesday, April 12th

(2pm, eastern)

A Critical Review of Leadership Awards

Tuesday, May 10th

(2pm, eastern)

Creating Transformational Training Experiences

Tuesday, June 14th

(2pm, eastern)

A Live Look Into the Leadership Trainer Certification Program

Tuesday, July 12th

(2pm, eastern)

Creating a Comprehensive Training Curriculum and Schedule

Tuesday, August 9th

(2pm, eastern)

Hot & Fresh Ice-Breakers for a New Academic Year

Tuesday, September 13th

(2pm, eastern)

How to Facilitate Rewarding Retreat Experiential Activities

Tuesday, October 11th

(2pm, eastern)

Managing Groups During Trainings

Meet Your Jam Session Host:

Jonathan Kroll, PhD.

Jonathan began his career in Student Affairs by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives. He has co-founded two leadership training businesses and, during the last decade, has facilitated over 250 leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, and conference presentations.

Jonathan is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Program Director of the Professional Leadership Studies program at the University of Rhode Island while also serving as the founding Executive Director of Leadership Trainer - a Boston-based organization operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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