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90 Ice Breaker Questions!

90 Ice Breaker Questions

Get These Questions Today!

What You Get!

When you download this pdf, you get:

  • 90 Ice-Breaker questions bracketed into themes—all designed to enhance the depth of connections between your participants…what Ice-Breakers are supposed to do!

Why You Want Them!

Ice-Breakers and NameGames have an essential purpose in our trainings—to draw connections of meaning and depth amongst our participants. Unfortunately, they often fail to accomplish their objective and are perceived as a waste of time. This is usually because they are inserted as an activity to mindlessly fill time in between other features of a training, cater exclusively to the extraverts of the group, or are poorly facilitated.


This list of 90 questions is designed to provide you time-tested Ice-Breaker questions that actually provide participants an opportunity to reflect upon, share insight, and cultivate high-quality connections with others. These are the types of relationships that enhance leadership learning and opportunities for development. With this pdf resource, you will be able to:


  • Launch your leadership trainings with purpose—by strategically asking questions that generate high-quality connections amongst your participants
  • Keep “back-pocket” questions handy when you need to fill in space—rather than having training participants twiddle their thumbs while waiting for a training to begin or to move into the next phase of a training, you’ve got 90 self-start questions to keep them engaged and deepening their connections with others.
  • Be known as a masterful facilitator—With these questions, not only will you provoke the leadership learning of your participants, you will be seen as a masterful facilitator!

Give Me the Goods!

Meet the Master Facilitator

Jonathan Kroll is the Founder, Executive Director, and a Master Facilitator of Leadership Trainer — the Authority in Training leadership Trainers.

He serves as a Lecturer in the Professional Leadership Studies program at the University of Rhode Island.

Jonathan is called to transform the landscape of leadership training and development by better preparing those who serve as leadership educators and facilitators to others. He has facilitated hundreds of trainings to thousands of participants. These worksheets and the instruction manual were designed to make it easier for you to facilitate dynamic, engaging, and leadership-learning-oriented trainings for your participants.


Get These Questions Today!

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