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Are you ready to accept the challenge and facilitate trainings with confidence?

Only $54—Less than $3 a day to transform your leadership trainings!

Leadership Training 21 Day Challenge IPAD (2)

21-Day Leadership Training Challenge Details

July 12th - August 1st

Three weeks of daily engagements to prepare you to facilitate dynamic and engaging trainings. During each day, the Challenge host and Master Trainer, Jonathan Kroll, will go live to share a leadership training lesson or host a dialogue with leadership scholars and other Master Trainers. Additionally, each day will have ample time for you to share your reflections and ask questions about your training challenges. By the end of the 21-days, you will have the knowledge and skills to ensure your participants can...

  • Access the training material and message

  • Internalize the leadership learning

  • Effectively apply the learning to their leadership practices

Only $54—Less than $3 a day to transform your leadership trainings!

The 21-Day Leadership Training Challenge will explore these leadership and leadership training topics:

  • Day 1 - An Overview of Jonathan and the Leadership Training Challenge
  • Day 2 - Who are leadership trainers?
  • Day 3 - What is leadership?
  • Day 4 - Leadership Research and Scholarship History and Trajectory
  • Day 5 - Leadership as Influence, Process, and Outcomes
  • Day 6 - The Importance of Identity Exploration for Leadership Trainers
    • With special guests Sarah Kutten and Elsie Gonzalez
  • Day 7 - Leadership Training and Development for Justice and Equity
    • With special guests Amber Manning-Ouellette, Daymyen Layne & Faustina Cuevas
  • Day 8 - Creating a Training Story (Overview of the Narrative Approach to Leadership Trainings)
  • Day 9 - Creating a Training Story (Exposition—Preparing for and Opening a Training)
  • Day 10 - Creating a Training Story (Rising Action—Delivering a Training Message)
  • Day 11 - Creating a Training Story (Apex—Facilitating Experiential Learning Activities)
  • Day 12 - Creating a Training Story (Falling Action—Hosting Reflective Dialogue)
  • Day 13 - Experiential Learning and Reflective Dialogue in Practice
    • With special guests (Details Forthcoming)
  • Day 14 - Experiential Learning and Reflective Dialogue in Practice
    • A session to experiment with experiential learning and reflective dialogue
  • Day 15 - Creating a Training Story (Resolution—Intentionally closing a training)
  • Day 16 - Trainer Presence & Communication
  • Day 17 - Time Management During Trainings
  • Day 18 - Participant Management During Trainings
  • Day 19 - Navigating Generational and Values Differences During Trainings
  • Day 20 - Maximizing Ice-Breakers and Name Games
  • Day 21 - Leadership Training as a Developmental Journey
  • BONUS DAY (Day 22) - Leadership Training Challenge Wrap-Up

Only $54—Less than $3 a day to transform your leadership trainings!

The 21-Day Leadership Training Challenge is about maximizing your training potential with all of these features:

Leadership Training 21 Day Challenge IPAD (1)
  • Live daily lessons and dialogues July 12th through August 1st with Master Trainer, Jonathan Kroll

  • Opportunities to explore your leadership training challenges

  • Video recordings of the daily lessons to be reviewed at your leisure

    • Nearly 4 hours of video content in bite-sized chunks
  • A one-to-one leadership training-coaching session with Master Trainer and Challenge host, Jonathan Kroll

  • Unlimited Monthly Jam Sessions

  • Networking with other leadership trainers

  • A Trifecta of PDF-downloadable Resources

    • 90 Ice-Breaker Questions for Meaning and Depth
    • 18 Go-to Reflective Dialogue Questions
    • Training Checklist
  • PDF note-pages with prompt questions designed specifically for the Challenge

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group

Only $54—Less than $3 a day to transform your leadership trainings!

Live engagements daily at 1pm (eastern) July 12th - August 1st

Jonathan Kroll, PhD.

Founder, Executive Director, and Master Trainer

Jonathan began his career in Student Affairs by focusing on leadership development, community engagement, and reflection initiatives. He has co-founded two leadership training businesses and, during the last decade, has facilitated over 250 leadership workshops, retreats, trainings, and conference presentations.

Jonathan is a Lecturer in the Professional Leadership Studies program and Acting Director of Academic Programs in the School of Professional Studies at the University of Rhode Island while also serving as the founding Executive Director of Leadership Trainer -      a Boston-based organization operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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